Increase The Efficiency And Safety Of Your Mobile Heating Unit With Fuel-Fired Parts


Increase The Efficiency And Safety Of Your Mobile Heating Unit With Fuel-Fired Parts

Many industries rely on commercial fuel-fired mobile heating parts including construction, remote worksites, warehouses, distribution centres, and more. Fuel-fired heaters are one of the most reliable mobile heating solutions that protect equipment and workers in even the most frigid temperatures. However, each work environment presents different challenges and requirements for safety and efficiency.

While fuel-fired heaters involve a complex system of parts, you’re not limited to what’s only included with the unit. At Polar Mobility, we supply various fuel-fired heater parts and can manufacture solutions that meet your specific requirements that help enhance your existing unit. We can also service your fuel-fired mobile heating unit and replace or replace damaged parts.

Fuel-fired heater parts

Below are different parts, components, and accessories that can optimize your mobile fuel-fired heating unit. Adding parts can help prevent the unit from breaking down which reduces downtime and protects the equipment.

  • Timer – This allows you to pre-set a time to turn on and shut off the heat, reducing the amount of energy and fuel used. A simple timer can help lower operational costs and prevent overuse, which also helps extend the lifespan of the unit.
  • Waterproof connector – Ideal for machinery used in snow, rain, ice, and wet weather conditions. Waterproof connectors attach to the fuel-fired heater to prevent it from mixing with water. This prevents electric shock and keeps workers safe.
    Fuses – Prevents circuits from overloading and can be easily replaced when needed. Although simple in concept, a fuse can prevent the unit from overheating and breaking down.
  • Thermostat – Gives you the ability to control the temperature, monitor the heat, and set it to a specific temperature. This can prevent the unit from overheating and maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Mounting brackets – Mounting brackets can be installed on a wall, on an overhead structure, mounted onto a pipe, and more. Brackets are useful for locations with limited space or to hold the fuel-fired heater in place.
  • Switches – Small parts such as switches are often overlooked until they break and it becomes difficult to switch the unit and off. If the switches on your fuel-fired heating unit needs replacing, we have you covered.
  • Fuel pick-up pipes – A fuel pick-up pipe allows the heater fuel line to connect directly from the fuel tank.
  • Exhaust drains – By allowing a small amount of gas to escape, exhaust drains can extend the life of your fuel-fired heating unit.
  • Ducting accessories – Ducting accessories are useful when you need pipes to maneuver into odd spaces. The ducting accessories we provide can remain flexible even in the coldest weather conditions.
  • Plumbing accessories – Our plumbing accessories help simplify plumbing and reduces the need for fittings with available parts for your fuel-fired heater.
  • Testers and adapters – Fuel-fired heaters use testers and adapters to test for pressure and adapt appropriately. They are an important safety feature that prevent system failures and dangerous explosions.
  • Mufflers – Minimizes noise from heavy-duty equipment and machines, which increases worker comfort and protects hearing.

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable working environment and protecting your equipment, each component of a mobile heating unit plays an important role. If you’re in need of replacement parts or are looking for ways to increase the efficiency and safety of your unit, browse our fuel-fired heater parts online catalog or contact us to find the part you need.

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