What to check before investing in a transport refrigeration unit

Transport refrigeration units

What to check before investing in a transport refrigeration unit

Transporting products that need to maintain a certain temperature requires the right refrigeration unit. Whether you are looking to replace your current unit or you’re investing in your first transport refrigeration system, here are some critical things to look for in your search.

Cooling Capacity

The main reason goods become spoiled during transport is because of inconsistent cooling. This is a big loss for companies and one that can be prevented. The right temperature for a transport refrigeration unit is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

For example, perishable foods like milk can’t be undercooled while sensitive products like flowers can’t arrive frozen. The right transport refrigeration unit should meet the specific standards of the goods that you’re transporting.

Idle Reduction

Commercial vehicles that require idling to keep products cool eat up a lot of gas. You want to look for a solution that addresses this. Additionally, an experienced professional in mobile heating and cooling solutions can recommend ways to improve the efficiency of your commercial vehicle, including using lightweight parts and proper insulation.

Transport refrigeration

Transport refrigeration

Right Size

The size of your transport refrigeration unit will vary depending on the size of your operation scale and mobile equipment. This can tie into efficiency and cost-savings as well, as a large unit for small operations may not be necessary.

Proper Solution

Transport refrigeration systems aren’t limited to perishable goods. Climate-controlled vehicles are also used for the tech and electronic industry to transport expensive electronic devices that are damaged in high temperatures. The retail industry, namely those that sell perfume and cosmetics also benefit from climate-controlled transportation.

Regardless of the type of items that you’re transporting, be sure that the refrigeration unit can meet the required environment to safely deliver your products.

Final thoughts

Finding the right mobile equipment solution for the transportation of perishable goods can be a complex undertaking. It could be the difference between loss and profit for many industries across the world.

The good news is, advancements in technology and innovative products have made it possible to meet temperature needs capable of both hot and cold transport. If you can’t find a unit that fits your specific needs, choose a supplier that can build a product specific to your requirements.

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