Part 3 of 3: Operator’s Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Part 3 of 3: Operator’s Health and Safety

Correct Cabin Pressurization is paramount – negative pressurization of the cabin will actually “draw” in the dust.

The CDC/NIOSH in the USA has completed extensive field studies/reports on the exposure of workers in Enclosed Cabins. Also, in Australia, the Queensland Mines Inspectorate – Health Surveillance Unit (2009) has conducted comprehensive field studies proving the effects upon occupants in an Enclosed Cabin.

One such study of an Excavator in the Sandstone Quarry proved the benefits of implementing correctly designed and certified Engineering Mitigation Controls to provide a healthy/safe Cabin environment. Over the years, the use of Stockpile Buildings for raw materials has increased to reduce the loss of products and to reduce/eliminate the inundation of the public area. However, whilst mitigating one risk another is created as this also presents an increased risk for occupants of Machine Cabins operating in these environments, which are “saturated” with Airborne Particulate (especially DPM).

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Pneumoconiosis/Respiratory Disease is not just in the Coal Mining Industry but in ALL Industries where exposure to Airborne Particulate & Fibre Exposure occurs!

Exposure to DPM is in all industries where Diesel Engines are involved!

The goal is to create an atmosphere of clean, breathable air to the Operator, and deflect and protect from harmful respirable mine dust. Not only is this dust detrimental for the workers, but the dust is also damaging to equipment. With requirements for mandatory Monitoring Data Recording, Public Access to Information and some “turning over of rocks” in many other Industries when dealing with Airborne Particulate and Fibre, it is only a matter of time before the consensus is that they have a problem- in all Industries!

So how do you put your Operators’ Health and Safety concerns to rest, limit your liability, and protect your equipment?

Contact one of the Four Companies listed at the end of this blog who are working diligently to assist companies to save lives and capital. They offer expertise in health and safety, particularly when it comes to meeting the requirements of local laws regarding silica / DPM / Asbestos / Coal exposure.

Understanding the details of the permissible exposure limits can be challenging without a little guidance. This group of companies work together and share information, knowledge, and technology to help you in meeting the regulatory requirements.

Improving the cab environment for operators, reducing the dust exposure in HVAC and cab electronics, extending maintenance intervals, and lowering operating costs is a great way to protect your Operators’ Health and Safety & limit your liability and protect your equipment.

Polar Mobility Research Western Canada

offers customizable solutions for Cabin pressurization, recirculation filtration complete Cab Air Quality Systems to protect cab electronics, increase operator protection, and reduce harmful particulate buildup.

Polar incorporates into their HVAC systems the Sy-Klone RESPA Filter systems, which as HEPA removes 99.95% of all respirable dust before it gets into the HVAC system and can also remove DPM. To complete the cab filtration system, Polar Mobility offers an electronic pressure monitoring system for cabin pressure, audibly alarms the operator when the pressure drops below required levels, can be connected to remote telemetry systems, and satisfies the requirement for a cab pressure monitor when required by law.

Contact Details: &

LSM Technologies Australia

primary objectives are to be proactive in offering over. 10 years of experience, expertise, research and mitigation control technology. As well as working with Industry Professionals / Regulators and their clients to meet compliance with current Australian / International Standards and Guidelines, extend the service life of their equipment and enhance productivity.

Our RESPA / Q-CAB AIR Environmental Systems are the only Cabin Pressurizer / Filtration Technology field-tested and certified by an Australian OH&S Regulator – Queensland Mines Inspectorate,

Contact Details:

Climatrans Montreal – Eastern Canada

Climatrans is a company built with the experience and expertise passed on from generation to generation. A family built company with deep knowledge of the Mobile HVAC Industry, dedicated to improving health in all environmental enclosures.

This has been made possible because of the efforts of a group of inventors, scientists, and business people from around the world who have designed new methods to accomplish what was previously impossible. New technologies are now allowing us to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations in providing the cleanest possible air and longest possible service life. We value above all else operator health and safety, proper environmental procedures and cutting your downtime.

Contact Details:

Van der Linden B.V.

engages in the development, production and distribution of fuel, oil and air treatment products for machines in the recycling, industrial, maritime, offshore, earthmoving and mining sectors.

Their mission is to provide cost-efficient solutions to owners that protect operator health, extend maintenance intervals and increase operational uptime. Using patented Cab Air Quality products like Sy-Klone that are economical and cost-effective.

Van der Linden BV – Netherlands ‐ Europe

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