The Importance of hydraulics in mobile heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment

The Importance of hydraulics in mobile heavy equipment

The technological advancement of modern hydraulics has elevated the performance and versatility of mobile equipment across many industries. This innovation provides endless possibilities to allow for machines to move heavier loads quicker and more efficiently.

Mobile Heavy Equipment

Mobile Heavy Equipment

What this means for heavy-duty industries is:

• Increased power capacities
• Better reliability
• Improved filtration
• Higher energy efficiency
• Enhanced workflow
• Improved diagnostic techniques

Hydraulics for Construction Equipment

For the construction industry especially, machinery like excavators, loaders, graders, dozers, haul trucks, and drills rely on hydraulics to make the work safer, faster, and more efficient.

In this type of application, hydraulic fluid is pumped to various hydraulic motors and cylinders throughout the machine and becomes pressured. The fluid is controlled by valves and distributed through hoses, tubes, or pipes.

Hydraulic fluid works best at fairly high temperatures. In cooler climates, pump damage is a risk when cold-starting a machine. A hydraulic oil tank heater is a solution to keep hydraulic fluid flowing, eliminating downtime and reducing the risk of pump cavitation and blown seals.

Hydraulics for The Mining Industry

For underground apparatuses, hydraulics plays a critical role in air solutions for mobile equipment. Environments that restrict the use of open flames, such as petrochemical plants and underground mines, require the removal of a fuel source for the safety of workers and to prevent life-threatening explosions.

Hydraulics are explosion-proof, making them a pivotal and vital component for mining machinery where a spark could ignite coal dust and lead to dangerous circumstances.

Hydraulics as a Solution for Mobile Equipment HVAC Systems

Heavy-duty industries that operate in extreme heat and freezing temperatures depend on hydraulic air conditioning and heating units to keep the working environment comfortable.

Hydraulic air conditioning and heating units are conveniently available in a roof or wall mounts for cabins where compressors mounted on the engine are not possible. Hydraulic compressor systems are easy to install and won’t require much downtime from operators.

Key Takeaways

Whether for power, safety, or efficiency, the hydraulics will always play a significant role in many heavy-duty industries. The pursuit of more productivity that impacts the bottom line for companies means that the technology for hydraulics is ever-evolving and improving.

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