The pros and cons of Espar heater systems

Espar Heating System

The pros and cons of Espar heater systems

Espar heater systems are some of the world’s leading products for all types of commercial, recreational, and special-purpose vehicles. As with all heating systems, Espar comes with its advantages and drawbacks. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of Espar heating systems to help you choose a unit that fits your specific application. 

Espar Air Heating System

Espar Air Heating System

The Pros Of Espar Heater Systems

Unlike some portable heating units, Espar heater systems are cheaper to run because they tap into larger fuel sources and don’t need to be refilled as often. This is by far one of the biggest advantages of Espar units that make them an attractive choice. 

Some of the pros of Espar heater systems are:

  • Energy-efficient technology that can run in the coldest of temperatures
  • Ability to run 24/7 without the need to keep a vehicle idling
  • A combustion process that eliminates moisture build-up from inside the vehicle
  • Compact design that takes up less internal space
  • Automatic regulation control and diagnostics for better efficiency
  • Nighttime operation mode that reduces noise
  • Digital display with temperature readings and auto-shutoff
  • Diagnostic light codes to report maintenance issues

In addition to these advantages, Espar has distribution centres across North America. Servicing and ordering replacement parts from a credible Espar heater dealer provides convenience and peace of mind if something goes wrong with your unit. 

The Cons Of Espar Heating Systems

These heating systems are of high-quality technology and continuous innovation, which can lead to a higher price tag and a proper installation. However, compared to other portable heaters that need more frequent refills and an idling vehicle to run, Espar becomes an investment. 

Some of the cons of Espar heating systems are:

  • Carbon buildup that requires a yearly cleaning
  • No altitude adjustment built-in
  • Requires an altitude kit for anything above 5,000ft

Final thoughts

With all things considered, Espar heating systems are a reliable option for heating your commercial or special-purpose vehicle. Groundbreaking German technology is some of the most innovative and efficient in the world to bring you heating and cooling products that can stand up to the most extreme temperatures. 

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