The Standard of Heating Systems for Transporters: Espar/Eberspacher


The Standard of Heating Systems for Transporters: Espar/Eberspacher

When it comes to some of the highest-quality heating solutions, Espar/Eberspacher heaters are regarded as the industry standard. They provide some of the most reliable and efficient climate control solutions for commercial equipment and personal vehicles. With state-of-the-art German engineering and technology, you can be sure that each unit is sturdy, durable, and can meet your climate control needs.

The benefits of Espar/Eberspacher mobile heating units

Espar/Eberspacher understands its customers’ needs and has designed solutions that address the most common challenges. Espar/Eberspacher provides different mobile units for different types of transporters, including utility and sprinter vans, trailers, buses, and more. While there are many benefits of having a durable mobile heating unit, some of the top benefits unique to Espar/Eberspacher is that they:

  • Work independently of the engine – The perfect anti-idling solution, these mobile heaters keep vehicles warm while protecting the environment, reducing emissions, and lowering fuel costs.
  • Can be retrofitted – Each unit comes with heater kits available as an OEM factory installation or retrofitted to small spaces. If you have a vehicle with limited space, Espar/Eberspacher’s mobile heating units are a perfect solution.
  • Allow for flexible control from almost anywhere – Some Espar/Eberspacher pre-heaters have remote control and smartphone capabilities, so you can turn it on and off from just about anywhere – certainly a convenient feature when it feels likes -40°C in our frigid Canadian winters!
  • Are virtually maintenance-free – Espar/Eberspacher heaters meet strict quality standards and have passed numerous durability tests. These powerful and reliable mobile heating units are virtually maintenance-free for the entire life of your car.

Features of Espar/Eberspacher mobile heating units

Espar/Eberspacher heating is built with groundbreaking German technology that can withstand extreme temperatures. Some features you can expect:

  • Energy-efficient technology that can run in the coldest of temperatures
  • Ability to run 24/7 without the need to keep a vehicle idling
  • A combustion process that eliminates moisture build-up from inside the vehicle
  • Compact design that takes up less internal space
  • Automatic regulation control and diagnostics for better efficiency
  • Nighttime operation mode that reduces noise
  • Digital display with temperature readings and auto-shutoff
  • Diagnostic light codes to report maintenance issues

In addition to these advantages, Espar/Eberspacher has distribution centres across North America. Servicing and ordering replacement parts from a credible Espar/Eberspacher heater dealer provides convenience and peace of mind if something goes wrong with your unit.

Where to find Espar/Eberspacher heating units

Polar Mobility is proud to carry some of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to mobile and industrial heating solutions, including Espar/Eberspacher. We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of heaters for transporters, heavy-duty equipment, buses and coaches, and other systems. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, give us a call, and we can help customize a solution for your specific vehicle.

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