Top 4 Ways Fuel-Fired Heaters Benefit You

Fuel-Fired Heater

Top 4 Ways Fuel-Fired Heaters Benefit You

It’s cold outside and the temperature gauge on your vehicle’s readout is not getting any higher for a few months. Working in frigid weather is nothing new to you but you really don’t like keeping your vehicle idling for long periods to stay warm. When the snow keeps falling and the temperature keeps dropping, what can you do to keep the heat in until spring arrives? You need a fuel-fired heater. How can fuel-fired heaters improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your commercial vehicle?

1. No More Idling

Fuel-fired heaters operate independently from your vehicle’s engine. These units come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific cab type. There is no need to keep your motor running to maintain the heat level inside the vehicle. When the engine is not constantly running you save on fuel costs, extend the life of your equipment, and save on battery power. Reducing these costs will provide you with a better bottom line at the end of the winter season.

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2. Smart Controls

When you want an even temperature throughout your vehicle it can be accomplished through the smart controls on your fuel-fired heater. The controls are easily integrated into your vehicle’s system. Smart technology allows for automatic adjustment to your system’s voltage, giving you a trouble-free way to stay warm. With specially designed sensors, the inside of your cab can remain at a comfortable level throughout the day or night.

3. Environmentally Conscious

You care about the environment you live in and work in. When you implement a fuel-fired heating system into your day to day operations you are helping reduce emissions. A smoke-free fuel-fired heater protects the environment from excess pollution. Units are constructed to minimize pollutants because they automatically adjust to operate efficiently due to fluctuations in temperature, environment, and altitude.

4. Rapid Delivery of Heat

It’s never pleasant to operate your vehicle in freezing temperatures. With a fuel-fired heater, you can be assured of a warm cab every time. These units achieve and maintain the optimum temperature level quickly to get the warm air flowing and keep you comfortable. You will hardly notice that they are running at all as they are extremely quiet during operation.

Keep you and your passengers comfortable all day and night and help protect your vehicle’s battery from overloading during the cold temperatures. Fuel-fired heaters give you year-round reliability and can be easily retrofitted to your vehicle.

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