Why Fuel Fired Heaters?

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Why Fuel Fired Heaters?

There can really only be a few reasons why anyone or any Company would invest in Fuel Fired Heating systems.

Coolant or Hydronic Engine heat!

The Number one benefit for Coolant or Hydronic engine heat is because people need their Trucks and Equipment to start easily in the Cold months of the year with the least amount of Cold Weather Engine damage! A warm engine helps the oil to lubricate the engine far faster than starting cold or below freezing.

The Second benefit to utilizing Coolant or Hydronic engine heating: The savings you receive will outweigh the cost of the purchase and installation quickly and will actually pay for itself and make you money.

As an example, a Class 4 to 8 truck can idle away six to eight litres of diesel fuel in an hour at a cost of say $1.20 per litre of diesel. That could mean you’re burning $7.20 to $9.60 per hour during Idling time! If you are idling 30 min just to warm your engine before putting it to work you could be spending $3.60 to $4.80 just to warm it up! Over the 6 months of cold weather, we have in the north you could have 150 days of idling your engine just to warm it up!
That could cost you $800 in fuel alone! And what about the times the engine just idles between jobs to keep warm? Then, if you add in the cost of all that engine wear you can easily save $1500 – $2000 per year.

Cabin Air Heaters!

There are really only two reasons to have a Fuel Fired Cabin Air heater. One is to save money and the other is to keep warm!

How often do you idle your engine just to keep the cabin of the vehicle warm? If you’re running a Highway Truck with a Sleeper bunk you could be idling 4 – 6 hrs a day at a cost of $35 to $40 just to sleep! And what about the times you idle while loading or unloading to keep the Cabin warm?

With an investment in a Hydronic Coolant heater and an Air Heater or just one of the two, you can make extra money over the 3 to 4 yrs life of the heaters. In fact, the cost of the purchase of the systems should come back to you in the first 15 to 20 months. This means that the second half of the heaters’ life, the savings stay in your pocket or bank account!

So an investment of $2000 – $3000 is returned to you in 15 – 20 months if you use the heaters! And in the next 15 to 20 Months you make back $2000 – $3000 in operation cost savings! It does not really matter what the brand of Fuel Fired Heater is as long as the Warranty is good and you actually use the products.

Ask yourself, Why would you operate without a Fuel Fired Heater?

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