What is the role of hydraulics for mobile heavy equipment?

Hydraulics For Mobile Heavy Equipment

What is the role of hydraulics for mobile heavy equipment?

Many different industries use hydraulic systems most suitable for heavy equipment like shovels, haul trucks, dozers, loaders, drills, excavators, and underground apparatuses.

Hydraulics play a significant role in air solutions for mobile equipment when it comes to working environments that restrict the use of open flames, such as petrochemical plants and underground mines. In some conditions, before a machine enters the area, the removal of a fuel source is required for safety purposes.

Role Of Hydraulics For Mobile Heavy Equipment

Role Of Hydraulics For Mobile Heavy Equipment

Hydraulics as a solution to mobile air conditioning HVAC units

Similar to an engine powering a vehicle with regular air conditioning, hydraulic air conditioning uses a hydraulic motor to drive the AC compressor. Instead of gas, the incompressible liquid is fluid and the hydraulic machinery transfers a large amount of power through flexible tubes and hoses. Making use of fluid power provides the ideal air conditioning and heating solution for mobile heavy equipment.

Easy to install hydraulic compressors

Hydraulic compressor systems are easy to install and won’t take time away from operating your heavy equipment. Heavy-duty industries depend on hydraulic air conditioners to keep the environment cool and comfortable for operators, especially in extremely hot and humid work environments.

Polar Mobility provides hydraulic air conditioning units that are available in roof or wall mounts and are ideal for:

  • Cabins, where compressors mounted on the engine, are not possible
  • The added safety of air conditioning and heating solutions for mobile heavy equipment
  • Improving the comfort and performance of mobile heavy equipment operators

Electric Powered Condensers

Electrically driven compressors are alternative solutions when engine driven condensers are not an option. Industrial strength AC electric motors with belt-driven compressors are reliable and easy to install for your heavy mobile equipment.

Polar Mobility knows what it takes to withstand harsh weather conditions and the need to adjust to changing work environments. Our units are built to operate worldwide and are backed by innovation and experience since 1981.

If you can’t find the solution that you are looking for, our skilled technicians can build a product specific to your requirements. We design and manufacture custom solutions for every industry.

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