Why you Need to Keep Your Construction Site Cool When the Temperature Rises

Heavy-duty AC Unit

Why you Need to Keep Your Construction Site Cool When the Temperature Rises

Maintaining an even temperature during long hot summers can be a daunting task and when you are in the construction or mining industries, keeping your cool is a top priority. Unpredictable weather patterns can create undesirable conditions for you and your employees causing fatigue and loss of productivity. So, what can you do to make everyone’s workday a day to stay focused on the tasks at hand? You need reliable HVAC systems for your vehicles and work sites.

Daily Temperatures

Daily temperatures can reach into the high 20s Celsius and often propel past the low to mid-30s Celsius on any given summer day. Without a solid air-cooling system, the heat can be draining on a driver’s health. Getting a quality HVAC system means you can keep your vehicles at a comfortable temperature. Your vehicle operators will stay focused, helping to prevent any unfortunate incidents due to a lack of concentration. Keeping the cab of the vehicle cool is a must in heavy-duty industries that often require workers to be on the job for long hours. You can help prevent heatstroke, exhaustion, heat cramps and many other related illnesses by installing high-quality cooling systems in the vehicles.

Heat-related Illnesses

Did you know that heat-related illnesses in heavy-duty industries can cause nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, fainting, and low blood pressure? When your employees suffer from these symptoms they need to take a break. If they continue to work with a heat-related illness it can lead to a more serious medical complication that requires time away from the job or time recuperating in a hospital. It is important to keep your working environment at a comfortable temperature to prevent loss of productivity and loss of employees.

Heavy-duty HVAC systems

Heavy-duty HVAC systems are specially designed for construction, mining, forestry, trucking and heavy-duty industries. If you or your employees operate machinery daily, you need to stay cool. Compact systems can be installed in small spaces, mounted on rooftops or integrated into existing systems to keep the heat out your operator protected. When you need something a little larger for those boom trucks, cranes and loaders, there are systems that can accommodate all your cooling requirements. Whether you need gas, electric or hybrid equipment, you can beat the heat and keep all systems on go!

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