Why your business needs a portable fridge


Why your business needs a portable fridge

Transport refrigeration units are a must-have for businesses that deliver perishable goods and need to follow specific regulations. The benefits of portable fridge units go beyond keeping items chilled. Some products, like flowers and medicine, need exactly the right temperature that won’t compromise their quality. If a portable fridge is too cold, flowers can freeze. If it’s not cold enough, some medications can be compromised.

If your business regularly transports perishable items, but you don’t have a transport refrigeration unit in your fleet, consider the following reasons to make the investment.

Your business is losing money without a portable fridge

Perhaps you’re using a smaller portable fridge unit that fits into the trunk or backseat of your car. While this was sufficient at the start of your business, your company has grown, and you may be finding yourself needing to deliver products before you can pick up another order. Not only is this time-consuming, but costly on gas, effort, and productivity.

With a portable transportation unit, you have the flexibility of picking up bulk orders and dropping them off at different locations without interruption in your day. While the initial cost can be high, the return on investment in a quality fridge unit is significant in the long run.

Perishable items are arriving spoiled

If your perishable goods are arriving at their destination consistently compromised, there is an issue with your portable fridge unit. Remember, some items need only be ‘chilled’ rather than stored at an ambient temperature. If the customer is not satisfied with the delivery, they have the right to refuse the order, and your bottom line will take a hit. Industry-standard transport refrigeration units allow you to store different items at different temperatures, ensuring that you follow regulations and standards.

Allows your business to adapt and grow

Adding a transport refrigeration unit to your fleet of vehicles opens up opportunities for more business. One of the most significant benefits of a portable fridge unit is that it gives you the flexibility to say yes to customers farther away. These durable units are designed to withstand long trips without any issue with the temperature of your perishable goods.

Further, your business can carry a wide range of products that it may not have been able to without a proper fridge unit. In our commodity-abundant world, the demand for temperature-controlled transportation is on the rise. With a transport refrigeration unit, you would be one step ahead of your competition.

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