Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning System: Hydraulic


Commercial Mobile Air Conditioning System: Hydraulic

Some heavy-duty off-road equipment uses a fuel-fired HVAC system to keep operators comfortable in extreme conditions. However, some work sites such as petrochemical plants and underground mines prohibit systems that use a fuel source because of the inherent risks.

Environments that restrict or prohibit the use of open flames require the removal of fuel-fired units before they can enter the area. And with Canada’s frigid winters and hot summers, an appropriate mobile air conditioning system is crucial for the safety and comfort of operators.

For these specific job sites, a hydraulic air conditioning unit is a practical solution. Hydraulic HVAC systems are engineered to provide heating, air conditioning, and air filtration and are driven by a hydraulic motor rather than an engine.

How does a hydraulic air conditioning system work?

Instead of gas, hydraulic air conditioning systems use an incompressible liquid. The AC compressor and heat pump is driven by a hydraulic motor rather than the engine. Hydraulic machinery allows a large amount of power transfer through small tubes and flexible hoses, making use of the fluid power.

Fuel-fired heaters, on the other hand, transfer heat through the combustion of fuel. And in underground sites or chemical plants, fuel-fired heaters can cause dangerous explosions. Hydraulic HVAC units are ideal for sites that prohibit ignition from electric power and for equipment where the operator cab is far removed from the engine compartment.

The benefits of a hydraulic air conditioning system

Besides eliminating the risks associated with a fuel-fired system, hydraulic HVAC units are:

  • Easy to install and compact
  • Available in roof or wall mounts, ideal for cabs where mounting compressors on the engine is not possible
  • Appropriate for a wide range of industries and applications, including haul trucks, dozers, loaders, drills, excavators, large cranes, and underground apparatuses
  • Designed to be quiet and lightweight while delivering a powerful performance
  • Engineered to provide efficient heating and cooling

Finding the right commercial mobile air conditioning system

Browse our selection of hydraulic mobile air conditioning units to find the right product for your needs. We also carry an inventory of other HVAC units and systems, including 12-24 Vdc Drive and high voltage units. If you’re not sure about the type of mobile AC unit you need, give us a call and we can help you find the right solution.

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