Why It’s Important to Have Mobile Heating

Mobile Heating

Why It’s Important to Have Mobile Heating

When you work in the construction industry you might think that heating should be your least important concern. This is wrong! You need to consider the benefits of maintaining a comfortable temperature for you, your operators, and your equipment. How can mobile heating units help production?

Failing Products and Threat to Production

Construction industries rely on a stable temperature to allow the equipment to work properly. When the thermostat drops below zero during the winter months many issues could occur resulting in an unproductive workday or a failed job.

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What are some reasons you need a constant warm temperature at your job site?

• Maintaining a consistent temperature of transported goods
• Reduce downtime of mobile equipment
• Keep engines operating at capacity during cold spells

How do mobile heating units help you complete your job in the manner intended?

• Consistent temperatures allow cargo to arrive without damage caused by freezing
• Fluids for your equipment are kept at a regulated temperature allowing for less interruption of service
• Preventing freezing temperatures from damaging your engines means less downtime for employees and less shop time for your vehicle

An ideal way to kickstart your equipment in Canada’s sub-zero temperatures is to use a product that preheats your engine. Simply buying one or more mobile heating units can keep your equipment from failing and your construction job from being delayed. Don’t waste precious hours re-doing tasks, instead, make sure you have the right temperature for your mobile equipment, engines, cabins, and control rooms to get the job done correctly the first time. Time is money and when you complete your construction tasks on time, you stay on budget.

Comfortable Environment

When your workers are uncomfortable in the cold, they will perform their job at a slower pace than normal. Why should you care how fast your contractors are working? The longer it takes for a job to get completed, the less money you make, and the delays limit your ability to initiate other new projects. You could end up losing a job to another, more efficient company.

Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your workers’ hands and feet. Loss of dexterity causes accidents on the job. Nobody wants to have to call the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) to report a safety violation that puts your workers in the hospital for weeks, taking them off the job. Making sure the temperature is stable gives your workers the ability to perform tasks without the risk of injury. Get the job done and keep everyone working with the help of mobile heating units for your operator cabins.

All projects have due dates and need to get completed on time for clients to stay happy and your business to succeed. Portable heating units are available in a variety of sizes. Keep all your jobs flowing with a comfortable, warm environment so your employees will complete their work on time and safely.

Health and Safety

Why do you need to worry about keeping your workers safe? The extreme cold could mean risking hypothermia and frostbite. These issues can result in further medical conditions that could make you or your workers ill or cause loss of a limb. It can take mere minutes to get frostbite or hypothermia so working an 8 to 12-hour shift poses an extreme risk in the cold.

How can you protect your employees from these risk factors? The obvious choice is to wear gloves, warm boots, a hat, scarf, and warm clothing, but the best way is to ensure the comfort and safety of your workers is a good mobile heating unit.

Polar Mobility solves heating problems with mobile heating units and parts for a productive, positive, and safe work environment.

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