Why Choose Espar/Eberspächer & Proheat Mobile Fuel-Fired Heater Units


Why Choose Espar/Eberspächer & Proheat Mobile Fuel-Fired Heater Units

Fuel-fired heaters use fuel combustion and heating fluids contained in coils to transfer heat. They are commonly used for commercial mobile transportation units, warehouses, and applications that do not rely on a building’s main HVAC system.

The different types of fuel-fired heaters include:

  • Gas-Fired Duct Units – Conveniently designed with pre-wired or pre-piped assembly to fit in the process’ ductwork.
  • Oil-Fired Duct Units – Ideal for applications that require a non-flammable solution for heating the space.
  • Direct-Fired Heaters – As the name suggests, the flame comes into direct contact with the air to provide heat.
  • Indirect-Fired Heaters – Involves passing air over an enclosed heating element to heat the space.
  • Radiant Heaters – Radiant heat transfer delivers heat directly from the hot surface to an object via infrared radiation.
  • Gas-Fired Make-Up Air Units – A gas-fired make-up air unit ventilates the space by introducing fresh air from outdoors to maintain good air quality. These units provide heat for both indoor and outdoor use.

Espar/Eberspächer & Proheat mobile heating solutions

Espar/Eberspächer heating units are a top choice for commercial use while Proheat/Dometic heating units are a reliable solution for military applications. At Polar Mobility, we are proud to carry some of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to mobile and industrial heating solutions.


  • The top choice for all types of commercial vehicles
  • Keeps vehicles warm without the need to idle and works independent of the engine, protecting the engine while helping companies cut down on operational costs
  • These heating units are some of the most efficient heaters for off-road vehicles and aid in increasing operator comfort and productivity
  • Keeps vehicles working to capacity and preserves their lifespan
  • Available in compact sizes to fit small spaces, such as travel vans


  • Ideal for heavy-duty off-highway vehicles
  • A reliable industry-leading name for military applications
  • Intuitive smart control for optimized temperature and extended intervals to maintain heat
  • Automatically adjustable heat output to match system parameters and the heat load of the fuel-fired heater
  • Reliable cold start for frigid environments
  • Low-pressure fuel nozzle for safe operation

Where to find commercial mobile fuel-fired heating units

Browse our fuel-fired heater units for Espar/Eberspächer and Proheat/Dometic catalogs to find the right product for your needs. We also carry an inventory of general components, including digital controllers and heater kits to enhance your existing unit.

If you’re unsure or can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can help you find a solution.

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